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Why visit Nepal?

  1. Beautiful Culture: The traditional Nepalese culture, whether it be in terms of art, music and dance, or beautiful clothing, is something special to behold.
  2. Food: Nepalese cuisine is unique, yummy, and absolutely amazing. Everyone who has tried authentic Nepalese cuisine in their life find it hard to go back to any of the mimics they find elsewhere.
  3. The scenic beauty: Set with the backdrop being the magnificent Himalayas, one can rarely find a place that is as stunning and beautiful as Nepal is.
  4. Friendly people: Nepalese are amongst the friendliest people on earth. If you are lucky, but you may even be invited into a house for a cup of tea allowing you to experience the life of a true Nepalese!

This little nation houses the most wonderful arrangement of culture, nature, food, and beautiful magnificence. It doesn’t make a difference whether you love nature, or you adore experience, food or there is something for everyone in Nepal. With its rich culture, wonderful artisans, and amazing society, one must embrace Nepal Tourism once in their lifetime to encounter the staggering magnificence of Nepal.

Best Places to visit in Nepal

Nepal has plenty of stunning and beautiful attractions that are sure to leave you mesmarized and leave memories for you and your loved ones that will last a lifetime. Some of the must visit tour destinations in Nepal are as follows:

  • Kathmandu, a bustling and colourful that offers a little bit of everything for its visitors
  • Pokhara, that provides a scenic view of the Himalayas
  • Bhaktapur, with temples and moutains making it magical
  • Nagarkot, that is great for treks and other adventure sporting activities
  • Janakpur, sights that are amazing and memorable
  • Dhulikhel, a city with amazing views and sights
  • Jomson: Great for trails and treks.

Apart from this, people can also visit Patan, Bandipur, and Tansen.

Nepal torism package
Classic Nepal Tour
  • No of Days: 4N/5D
  • People: 1
₹15000View details
Discover Nepal Tour
Discover Nepal Tour
  • No of Days: 10 D/9 N
  • People: 1
₹33000View details
pokhra tour package
Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour
  • No of Days: 3N/4D
  • People: 1
₹11200View details
Kathmandu and Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu & Pokhara Tour Packages
  • No of Days: 5N/6D
  • People: 1
₹15000View details
Nepal Holiday Package
Realistic Nepal Holiday Package
  • No of Days: 6N/7D
  • People: 1
₹20500View details
kathamandu Tour Package
Kathmandu with Pashupatinath Tour Package
  • No of Days: 3N/4D
  • People: 1
₹8000View details
Nepal Tour Package
Nepal With Sarnath Tour Package
  • No of Days: 8N/9D
  • People: 1
₹16999View details
muktinath temple
Muktinath Tour Package
  • No of Days: 6D/5N
  • People: 1
₹27000View details
Nepal Varanasi Gorakhpur Tour Package
  • No of Days: 8N/9D
  • People: 1
₹14999View details


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