Konark Sun temple

As the names suggest, Konark Sun temple is worshipped for the Sun. People also worship the temple due to the Surya Bhagwan. Another name of the Konark Sun temple is Black Pagoda temple. Do you know why? Because the temple looks so dark in colour when it is watched from a distance. Black pagoda does not mean that the temple is not beautiful in appearance but the thing is that it is darker in appearance when looked from some distance. Konark Sun temple is considered as one of the finest temples in India and that is the only reason due to which Konark Sun temple tour is considered as one of the finest religious tours in India. This temple is also considered as one of the important and most beautiful wonders of the world and the only reason is engineering as well as an architectural stand of the temple.

This temple is situated in the beautiful state, Orissa. The entrance of the Konark Sun temple makes it huge because it consists of the two lion sculptures at the entrance. The entrance has the Mandir known as Nata Mandir. It is the place where dancers used to give the salute to the Lord Sun. This place also has the sculptures of the Kamasutra which acts as the messengers of the history.

After the entrance, you will see a partly ruined and partly built structure. People believe that this structure is not completely built due to the death of the Narasimha Dev and he was the constructor of the temple and that is why, this temple get collapsed after some time of the death of the King Narasimha Dev. But this belief is only according to the people living there but this belief doesn’t not have any historic proofs.

Konark Sun temple 360  view

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