Daporijo Tour Package


Destinations: Daporijo- Sigin Village – Embeong.
Tour Duration: 05 Nights / 06 days
Tour Name: Daporijo Tour Package
Tour Price: 18,500/- Per Person (Min- 6 Person)



Daporijo is a small town located in the Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Situated amidst the beautiful Himalayan foothills, Daporijo offers a unique and offbeat travel experience. Here is an overview of a tour to Daporijo:

Location: Daporijo is situated in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, bordering Assam. It is located about 320 kilometers northwest of Itanagar, the state capital. The town is surrounded by lush green forests, rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes.

Natural Beauty: Daporijo is known for its stunning natural beauty. The town is nestled amidst the picturesque Subansiri River valley, with the Subansiri River flowing alongside it. The region is blessed with lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. It offers a peaceful and serene environment for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Local Culture: Daporijo is home to various indigenous tribes, including the Tagin, Hill Miri, and Galo tribes. These tribes have their unique traditions, customs, and vibrant festivals. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich tribal culture, interact with the locals, and learn about their way of life. The warm hospitality of the people adds to the overall experience.

Trekking and Hiking: Daporijo serves as a base for various trekking and hiking expeditions. The surrounding hills and forests offer excellent opportunities for adventure activities. One can embark on treks to nearby villages, explore remote trails, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscape. The trek to Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is particularly popular among nature enthusiasts.

Sightseeing: Daporijo and its vicinity offer several attractions for sightseeing. The Subansiri River, with its pristine waters, is a great spot for picnics and leisurely walks. Sangram, a small town nearby, is known for its orange orchards and is worth a visit. The Meghna Cave Temple, located about 10 kilometers from Daporijo, is a sacred site revered by the locals.

Local Cuisine: The culinary scene in Daporijo reflects the local tribal culture. Visitors can savor traditional tribal delicacies like smoked pork, bamboo shoot curry, and various preparations of locally grown rice. Trying the local cuisine is a must for food enthusiasts looking to explore the unique flavors of Arunachal Pradesh.

Connectivity: Daporijo is connected by road and air. The nearest airport is Lilabari Airport in Assam, which is approximately 180 kilometers away. Regular bus services and private taxis operate from nearby towns and cities to Daporijo.

Accommodation: Daporijo offers limited accommodation options, ranging from basic guesthouses to budget hotels. It is advisable to make advance bookings, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Visiting Tips: Daporijo is a remote destination, and it is recommended to plan your visit well in advance. It is advisable to carry sufficient cash, as ATM facilities may be limited. Respect the local customs and traditions, and seek permission before photographing people or their houses. Due to its location, the weather in Daporijo can be unpredictable, so it is advisable to carry appropriate clothing and essentials.

A tour to Daporijo provides a glimpse into the unexplored beauty of Arunachal Pradesh, allowing visitors to experience the tranquility of nature, immerse in local tribal culture, and embark on exciting adventures in the lap of the Himalayas.

Daporijo Tour Package

Tour Name: Daporijo Tour Package
Tour Duration: 05 Nights / 06 days
Destinations Covered: Daporijo- Sigin Village – Embeong.
Tour Price: 18,500/- Per Person (Min- 6 Person)


Day 01: Arrival in Daporijo

  • Arrive at the Daporijo Airport or the nearest railway station.
  • Transfer to your hotel and check-in.
  • Take some rest and get acclimatized to the surroundings.
  • In the evening, you can explore the local market and try some local cuisine.
  • Overnight stay in Daporijo.

Day 02: Daporijo Sightseeing

  • After breakfast, start your sightseeing tour of Daporijo.
  • Visit the Meghna Cave Temple, a famous religious site with intricate carvings.
  • Explore the Subansiri River and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings.
  • Visit the nearby Tagin Tribal Village to experience the local culture and traditions.
  • Return to the hotel in the evening.
  • Overnight stay in Daporijo.

Day 03: Trek to Sigin Village

  • After breakfast, embark on a trekking expedition to Sigin Village.
  • Enjoy the picturesque landscapes and lush green forests during the trek.
  • Interact with the local villagers and learn about their way of life.
  • Explore the village and witness their traditional customs.
  • Camping and overnight stay in Sigin Village.

Day 04:Explore Sigin Village

  • Spend the day exploring Sigin Village and its surroundings.
  • Visit the local market and buy some traditional handicrafts as souvenirs.
  • Engage in cultural activities with the villagers, such as traditional dance or music performances.
  • Enjoy a traditional dinner with the locals and learn about their cuisine.
  • Camping and overnight stay in Sigin Village.

Day 05: Return to Daporijo

  • After breakfast, start your return trek to Daporijo.
  • Enjoy the scenic beauty and wildlife encounters along the way.
  • Reach Daporijo in the afternoon and check-in to your hotel.
  • Rest of the day is free for leisure activities or optional sightseeing.
  • Overnight stay in Daporijo.

Day 06: Departure

  • Have breakfast at the hotel.
  • Check out and proceed to the airport or railway station for your onward journey.


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  1. Pick up and drop from airport/railway/bus station.
  2. Accommodation on double/twin sharing basis.
  3. All breakfast included at hotels.
  4. All transfers and sightseeing by private A/C vehicle.
  5. Driver’s bata, toll, parking, road tax, fuel charges All applicable taxes.


  1. Service Tax – 5% GST Extra.
  2. Any air/bus/rail fare Any other meals not mentioned in package inclusions.
  3. Any other destination not mentioned in itinerary.
  4. Any personal expenses such as laundry, room service, mini bar, telephone etc.
  5. Guide charges/boating charges/entrance fees for any sightseeing
  6. Any services or activity charges other than those included in inclusions.
  7. Supplementary cost for festival period, long weekend or peak season .


Where is Daporijo located?

Daporijo is a town located in the Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. It is situated in the northeastern part of the state, surrounded by scenic hills and valleys.

What is the significance of Daporijo?

Daporijo is known for its natural beauty and its unique tribal culture. The town is nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, with the Subansiri River flowing nearby. It serves as a gateway to various tribal villages and offers opportunities to experience the rich cultural heritage of the local tribes, including the Tagin tribe.

How can I reach Daporijo?

The nearest airport to Daporijo is Lilabari Airport in Assam, which is approximately 170 kilometers away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a shared cab to reach Daporijo. The nearest railway station is also in North Lakhimpur, Assam, from where you can continue your journey by road. The road journey to Daporijo offers scenic views of the surrounding hills and forests.

What are the popular attractions in Daporijo?

Daporijo offers various attractions and experiences for visitors. Some popular attractions in and around Daporijo include exploring the tribal villages and experiencing their traditional way of life, visiting the Subansiri River for its scenic beauty and fishing opportunities, hiking and trekking in the surrounding hills, and witnessing the local festivals and cultural events.

Are there specific tour packages available for Daporijo?

Yes, there are tour packages available specifically designed for Daporijo. These packages often include accommodation, transportation, guided tours, and sometimes meals. The duration of the tour package may vary depending on the activities and attractions you wish to cover in and around Daporijo.

Is it safe to visit Daporijo?

Daporijo is a relatively safe destination for tourists. However, as with any travel, it is advisable to take basic precautions and follow the guidelines of local authorities. It is recommended to visit Daporijo as part of a guided tour package or with the assistance of a local guide who can provide insights into the local culture and ensure a smooth travel experience.