Satpura National Park Tour Package


Destinations Covered: Ahmadabad- Little Rann of Kutch- Bhuj- Black-Hill- White-Rann- Hodka-Nakhatrana- Mandvi- Bhuj.
Tour Name: Rann of Kutch Tour Package
Tour Duration: 05 Night / 06 Days
Tour Price:₹ 15500 +5%GST(6 person applicable)



Satpura National Park, located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, India, is a biodiverse wilderness area known for its scenic beauty, diverse flora and fauna, and thrilling adventure activities. This tour package offers a comprehensive experience of exploring the park’s wildlife, engaging in outdoor adventures, and immersing yourself in the natural wonders of the Satpura region. Satpura National Park is a prominent wildlife sanctuary and national park located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is part of the larger Satpura Range and covers an area of approximately 524 square kilometers. Established in 1981, the park is known for its diverse landscapes, rich biodiversity, and unique wildlife experiences.

Satpura National Park Tour Package

Tour Name: Satpura National Park Tour Package
Destinations Covered: Satpura National Park
Tour Price: ₹ 12,500
Tour Duration: 03 Nights / 04 Days


Day 1: Arrival and Check-in
  • Arrive at Bhopal Airport or Itarsi Railway Station.
  • Transfer to Satpura National Park, which is approximately a 3-4 hour drive.
  • Check-in at the wildlife resort or hotel.
  • Rest and relax for the day.
Day 2: Wildlife Safari and Nature Walk
  • Start the day with a morning safari in Satpura National Park, accompanied by a knowledgeable naturalist.
  • Explore the diverse habitats of the park, including dense forests, hills, and water bodies, while looking out for wildlife such as tigers, leopards, deer, langurs, and various bird species.
  • Return to the resort for breakfast.
  • After breakfast, engage in a guided nature walk, experiencing the park’s serene ambiance and observing its flora and smaller creatures.
  • Enjoy leisure time in the evening.
Day 3: Boat Safari and Adventure Activities
  • Embark on a thrilling boat safari on the Denwa River, which borders Satpura National Park.
  • Witness the stunning landscapes, spot wildlife along the riverbanks, and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.
  • Return to the resort for breakfast.
  • In the afternoon, participate in adventure activities such as jungle trekking, canoeing, or cycling, depending on the options available.
  • Spend the evening relaxing and enjoying the resort facilities.
Day 4: Full-day Elephant Safari and Departure
  • Experience a full-day elephant safari, providing a unique opportunity to explore the park’s interiors and access remote areas that are inaccessible by vehicles.
  • Witness the incredible wildlife from the vantage point of an elephant’s back, accompanied by expert mahouts.
  • Carry packed lunches to enjoy during the safari.
  • Return to the resort in the evening.
  • After breakfast on the next day, check out from the resort.
  • Transfer to Bhopal Airport or Itarsi Railway Station for your departure.


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