Rudranath Tour Package


Destinations Covered: Rudranath.
Tour Name: Rudranath Tour Package
Tour Duration: 04 Night / 05 Days
Tour Price: 12,500/- Per Person (Min- 6 person applicable)
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Rudranath, located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India, is a sacred destination and an important part of the Panch Kedar pilgrimage. It is known for its ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and its stunning natural surroundings. Here’s an overview of what you can expect on a Rudranath tour:

Rudranath Temple: The Rudranath Temple is the main attraction in Rudranath. It is one of the Panch Kedar temples and is dedicated to Lord Shiva in his Rudra avatar. The temple is believed to be over a thousand years old and holds great religious significance for Hindus. The idol of Lord Shiva is a natural rock formation in the form of a human face. The temple’s serene ambiance and spiritual atmosphere attract devotees and pilgrims from far and wide.

Trekking: To reach Rudranath, one must undertake a trek through beautiful landscapes and pristine wilderness. The trek is known for its scenic beauty and offers panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, lush valleys, and alpine meadows. The trek starts from the village of Sagar in Chamoli and passes through dense forests, meandering rivers, and charming villages.

Panar Bugyal: En route to Rudranath, you’ll come across the mesmerizing Panar Bugyal. It is a vast alpine meadow adorned with colorful flowers, grazing cattle, and panoramic views. The bugyal is a perfect spot to relax, soak in the natural beauty, and enjoy a peaceful picnic surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Natural Beauty: Rudranath is situated in the lap of nature, and the journey to the temple offers breathtaking vistas at every step. The region is known for its dense forests, gushing waterfalls, and majestic peaks. You’ll be immersed in the serenity and tranquility of the Himalayas, away from the chaos of city life.

Cultural Experience: Rudranath is not only a place of religious significance but also an opportunity to experience the local culture and traditions. Interact with the warm and hospitable villagers, learn about their way of life, and witness their age-old customs and rituals.

Meditation and Spiritual Retreat: The serene and peaceful surroundings of Rudranath provide an ideal setting for meditation and spiritual retreats. Connect with your inner self, practice yoga, and experience a sense of tranquility amidst the Himalayan mountains.

Rudranath offers a unique combination of spirituality, adventure, and natural beauty. The journey to the Rudranath Temple through the picturesque landscapes is a soul-stirring experience, attracting both devotees and nature enthusiasts alike. It is a place where one can find solace, rejuvenation, and a deep connection with the divine.

Rudranath Tour Package

Tour Name: Rudranath Tour Package
Tour Duration: 04 Night / 05 Days
Destinations Covered: Rudranath.
Tour Price: 12,500/- Per Person (Min- 6 person applicable)


Day 01: Arrival in Rudranath

you will arrive in Rudranath and check into your hotel. You can spend the rest of the day relaxing or exploring the town on your own.

Day 02: Trek to Rudranath Temple

you will start your trek to the Rudranath temple, which is located around 23 kilometers from the town. The trek is of moderate difficulty and takes around 6-7 hours to complete. The temple is situated amidst beautiful surroundings and is known for its natural beauty and religious significance.

Day 03: Explore Rudranath

you can spend the day exploring Rudranath and its surroundings. You can visit the Nanda Devi temple, which is located nearby, and witness the stunning views of the Himalayas. You can also go on a nature walk and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

Day 04: Trek back to Rudranath

you will trek back to Rudranath town and rest for the day. You can spend the rest of the day exploring the town on your own or just relaxing.

Day 05: Departure

you will check out of your hotel and depart from Rudranath. You can take back some beautiful memories of the trip.

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  1. Pick up and drop from airport/railway/bus station.
  2. Accommodation on double/twin sharing basis.
  3. All breakfast included at hotels.
  4. All transfers and sightseeing by private A/C vehicle.
  5. Driver’s bata, toll, parking, road tax, fuel charges All applicable taxes.


  1. Service Tax – 5% GST Extra.
  2. Any air/bus/rail fare Any other meals not mentioned in package inclusions.
  3. Any other destination not mentioned in itinerary.
  4. Any personal expenses such as laundry, room service, mini bar, telephone etc.
  5. Guide charges/boating charges/entrance fees for any sightseeing
  6. Any services or activity charges other than those included in inclusions.
  7. Supplementary cost for festival period, long weekend or peak season .


Q1: What is included in a Rudranath Tour Package?

A Rudranath Tour Package typically includes accommodation, meals, transportation, and guided tours to the Rudranath temple and other nearby attractions. The exact inclusions may vary depending on the package and the tour operator. It’s advisable to check the details of the package to know what is included.

Q2: How do I book a Rudranath Tour Package?

Booking a Rudranath Tour Package can be done online through the tour operator’s website or by contacting their customer service. You can browse through the available packages, select the one that suits your preferences, and follow the booking instructions provided.

Q3: What is the best time to visit Rudranath?

The best time to visit Rudranath is during the summer months, from May to June, and the autumn months, from September to October. During these times, the weather is pleasant, and the temple is accessible. However, it’s recommended to check the local weather conditions and consult with the tour operator for the most suitable time to visit based on your preferences and the activities you plan to undertake.

Q4: What is the trekking difficulty level to Rudranath?

The trekking difficulty level to Rudranath is considered moderate to difficult. The trek involves traversing through uneven terrains, steep ascents and descents, and high altitude regions. Participants should have a good level of physical fitness, stamina, and prior trekking experience. It’s advisable to undergo proper acclimatization and consult with your tour operator for any necessary preparations before embarking on the trek.

Q5: Are there any age restrictions for the Rudranath trek?

There are no strict age restrictions for the Rudranath trek. However, due to the challenging nature of the trek, it’s recommended for participants to be in good physical health and have a certain level of fitness. Children and elderly individuals should be accompanied by adults who can ensure their safety and well-being during the trek. It’s advisable to consult with your tour operator to assess the suitability of the trek for participants of different age groups.

Q6: Is Rudranath accessible by road?

No, Rudranath is not directly accessible by road. It can only be reached by undertaking a trek from the nearest road-head. The trek to Rudranath starts from Sagar village, which is the last motorable point. From there, it’s a trek of approximately 20 kilometers to reach Rudranath. The tour package may include transportation from your starting point to the trek starting point at Sagar village.

Q7: Are there any accommodation options near Rudranath?

Yes, there are accommodation options available near Rudranath. These include guesthouses and basic lodges at various stops along the trekking route. The facilities may be basic, and it’s advisable to carry your own sleeping bag or trekking tent for additional comfort. Your tour package may include accommodation arrangements, or you can choose to bring your own camping equipment if you prefer camping during the trek.

Q8: Is it necessary to hire a guide for the Rudranath trek?

It’s highly recommended to hire a guide for the Rudranath trek. The guide will have local knowledge, experience, and can assist you throughout the trek, ensuring your safety and helping you navigate the trail. They can provide information about the surroundings, culture, and history of the region. Hiring a guide will enhance your trekking experience and minimize the risk of getting lost or encountering any difficulties along the way.

Q9: What should I pack for the Rudranath trek?

For the Rudranath trek, it’s recommended to pack essentials such as trekking shoes, comfortable clothing, warm layers, rain gear, a backpack, a sleeping bag or camping gear, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a water bottle, a headlamp or flashlight, energy snacks, personal toiletries, and any necessary medications. It’s advisable to pack light and carry only the essentials as you’ll be trekking for multiple days.

Q10: Are there any medical facilities available during the Rudranath trek?

There are limited medical facilities available during the Rudranath trek. Medical aid posts or basic healthcare centers may be present at some stops along the trekking route. It’s advisable to carry a basic first aid kit, any necessary personal medications, and consult with your tour operator for any additional medical preparations. It’s also recommended to have travel insurance that covers trekking activities and medical emergencies.