Padmanabhaswami Temple

Padmanabhaswami Temple is one of the giant temple present in the Kerala, India. Although this the temple is present in Kerala this temple is the example of amalgamation between the Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The amalgamation is between the architecture of the Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This temple belongs to the Lord Vishnu and the devotees of Lord Vishnu come to see the temple every year. This temple is famous for the festivals which are celebrated twice a year. As the temple is the fusion of the two states. Similarly, the festivals also represent the fusion of two cities. It means that one festival is Panguni and the other festival is Alpashy. The Panguni festival is celebrated in the month of falgun I.e., in the month of March and April and the Alpashy festival is celebrated in the month of October and number.

This place is the most crowded place in the months of March, April, October and November. Not only the local people come to enjoy the festival but people from the other areas also wait for these months. Apart from these two festivals, this temple is also famous for the Navratri festival which is celebrated by the people of the temple. A huge number of people come to the temple for enjoying the Navratri.

Apart from this, people plan the Padmanabhaswami Tour for enjoying the special festival and the name of this festival is LakshaDeepam. Unlike other festivals, this festival does not commence every year. In fact, this festival commences after six years and a huge number of devotees comes here to celebrate this festival. Basically, it is almost a treat to enjoy this festival. If you want to join and enjoy the next LakshaDeepam festival then you can attend it on January 2020.

Padmanabhaswami Temple 360 view

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