Gir and Diu

Have a Great Vacation with Gir and Diu Package.

Gujarat is one of the most famous states in India and has been in the limelight recently. The Current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi is from Gujarat. Gujarat is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The popular Gujarat Tour Package includes a trip to Dwaraka, Somanth, Diu, Gir and Rajkot. The Gujarat Gir and Diu Package is the most sought-after package attracting a lot of tourists. The state has rapidly in the past couple of years which has resulted in more tourists visiting the state.

The state of Industrialists

The famous tourist spot in Gujarat Tour Package is the Gir Forest National and Wildlife Sanctuary which is also known as Sasan – Gir. Spread over an area of about 1400 sq. km the Sasan – Gir is home to Asiatic Lions. The Forest safari is the easiest way to catch a glimpse of the Asiatic lions in a safe way. Sasan – Gir has also got diverse Flora and Fauna thus contributing to a rich ecosystem.

The Beautiful Union Territory

Diu is a town located in the Union territory of Diu and Daman. Diu was occupied by the Portuguese during the Pre Independence era of India. Diu has still managed to preserve the Cultural Heritage of the Portuguese. The Portuguese style of Construction can be witnessed in the town. The Diu Fort which was built by the Portuguese is the most popular tourist destination here. The old jail within the ocean is also a tourist spot worth paying a visit.



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