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To be found 135 km west of Varanasi, the holy city Allahabad is one of the oldest cities of India, at the union of India’s two significant rivers-the Yamuna and Ganges. It is 585 km south-east of Delhi and 160 km south of Ayodhya. The primary religious reason for arriving here is to take bath in the Sangam, to confluence (where waterways meet), of the Yamuna, Ganges, and the underground Saraswati Rivers. It is one of the significant pilgrimage sites in all of India. Allahabad is the 7th most populated town in Uttar Pradesh and lately was ranked the world’s 130th the fastest growing city. The town’s unique name Prayaga comes from its place at the sacred union of the waterways Ganges, Yamunaa and Saraswati. It is the second-oldest town in India and plays a primary part in the Hindu scriptures, containing many temples and palaces. Whether you’re looking for an Allahabad Temple Tour Packages to relax and engage, special travels in Allahabad with loved ones, a visit to your favorite chill out spot or a new experience, you’ve come to the right place. Experience your life again and add a little liven to it with interesting Allahabad Temple Tour Packages. Find out Allahabad Tourism, travel to Allahabad Weekend Getaways and its various sightseeing opportunities with Allahabad holiday packages. Find out interesting Allahabad honeymoon holiday packages with luxury Allahabad tour packages. Don’t skip our best value deals for other destinations across India.


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