Mahabalipuram is an important tourist destination in Tamil Nadu, which is well known for its Shore Temples. Temples in Mahabalipuram keep the rich history of the past days.  Due to the location on the Coromandel shore overseeing the Bay of Bengal, this temple gets its name. The sculptural quality represents the heights of Pallava architecture. The Dravidian style of architecture goes back to the 7-8th century. It was designed under the rule of King Narasimha Varma. The granite rock cut carvings are evidence of the actual elegance of the craftsmen who are creating this magnificent structure. The structural designs are famously known as ‘poetry in stone’.

Shore Temple is no more a living temple. The structure of the temple makes one consider and perhaps, it was constructed generally as a work of art. The Pallavas were known to be the great patrons of art and were interested to create their own design of temple structure. Shore Tour will truly mesmerize you. In the present day, Shore Temple makes the background of Mahabalipuram Dancing Event that is organised in Jan /Feb every year.

The temples both decorations and outside are ornately designed and molded. The images on the sculpted panels illustrate scenes from everyday life in an incredibly real and creative design. The reliefs of the Nandi bull is spectacular and worth visiting. The archaeological department has excavated certain other figures from the site.

The architectures of the Shore Temple keep evidence of the fantastic past and a history of the place is two thousand years and is a significant pilgrimage location.

Shore Temple 360 view


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