Pattabhirama temple

Have you ever hear about the Pattabhirama Temple? Do you know where this temple exists? This temple is located in the Hampi. It is the second renowned temple in the Hampi. Although it is not the famous temple like other temples but it has several religious and historic views of it. This temple is a beautiful and elegant place which is located in the middle of the city. This temple is followed by the devotees of Lord Rama. This temple does not only have the religious views but it also have the architectural beauty. There are several temple who remains opened for only specific period of time but this temple remains open for the whole year. In simple words, you can visit the temple anytime.

You can plan Pattirbhama temple tour through the three ways I.e., by air, by rail and by road.

By air: There are basically three major airports around the temple, so you can have the access in to any airport and then you can reach the temple. The three major airports are Banglore, Balgaum and Bellary airport. By reaching at this airport, you can hire a taxi to the temple.

By Rail: You can have the train from the local railway station to the Hospet railway station. There is very less distance between the Hospet railways station and the Hampy. You can cover this distance either by the bus or the taxi. Si, in this way you can reach the temple easily.

By Bus: This is one of the affordable way to reach the temple. The Hampi is the place which is very well connected to the other towns and cities through the ways of roads. So, you can reach the temple through the ways of buses. You can also hire the taxi or you can come by your own car.

Pattabhirama Temple 360 view

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