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Boasting a non secular heritage that very few places in India can match, Chitrakoot is a famous spiritual and holy place to visit for Indians. It is in the subterranean forests of Chitrakoot that Lord Ram and Sita spent 11 of their fourteen a lot of exile.

A regular feature in Indian tradition, Chitrakoot returns again to the famous periods and was the relaxation shrine of many famous sages and is assumed to be frequently visited by Gods and Goddesses. Famously called as the ‘Place of Many Wonders’, Chitrakoot nestles in its northern border Vindhya variety of hills. Where has an original sense of spiritual wonder that will take you back again to your childhood favorite anecdotes and fables.

Located in the Northern Vindhyan variety of hills, Chitrakoot is notable for its spiritual and social significance. Chitrakoot indicates ‘Hills of many wonders’; the name itself shows the position. The town lies on the border between Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and gets more vibrant during the joyful seasons. Get the tour package from Indian Temple Tour and enjoy with family.



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Dotted with many holy locations dedicated to almost all the gods, actresses and deities of Hindu religion, India is well-known for providing much-looked-for respite from troubled self and hurried culture of individuals. Inspired to take a pilgrimage satisfying their need to come to the sanctuary of God, they turn into enthusiasts in one such position known as as Maihar in Madhya Pradesh.

Located in an area of Satna, Maihar is a town associated with the Goddess Shakti, also known as Sharda Devi. On Trikut Mountains, even 1063 steps to the hilltop to visit the statue of Sharda Devi and Lord Narsingh do not stop pilgrims to consider the endurance and take the climb. By Ropeway, one can reach to the temple.




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