Baijnath temple complicated is situated 17 kms from Kausani. Baijnath Temple complicated has many ancient remains. A detailed and minor Chiseling makes the temple amazing. Going to Baij Nath Temple, Kausani situated among the hill varies with the wonderful sceneries around, can be a marvelous experience.Known to be specked with excellent pilgrimage locations in Uttarakhand all over, the best position is appropriately named as the residence of Gods. 53 kms north of Almora, Kausani is a powerful hill place stuffed with attractive and wonderful opinions. The 300 km wide view of the Himalayas is amazing.

Baijnath Temple, found at a distance of 19 kms from Kausani, is one of the sightseeing opportunities in Uttarakhand in Kumaon region, Baijnath is amongst the famous place for its remote antiquity and ancient importance.

The Baijnath temple as devoted to Baijnath or Vaidhyanatha (name of lord Shiva) which gives its name to the present town situated near the Gomti. Apart from amazing view Baijanath Temple Tour Packages offer a peaceful combination of beauty and respect to one’s feelings & spirit.

Even today the temple is visited by many of enthusiasts. The border of the temple involves beautiful landscapes and routes. The outside of the temple is decorated with magnificently designed pictures of the incredible deities.


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